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What's going on

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On the right hand side of this site, there is a column that lists the year's upcoming events. This column has all the year's events listed in order. You are able to scroll through this column (both up and down), by clicking on the orange circles to the right of "upcoming events". The right circle scrolls down. The left circle scrolls back up. When you put your arrow on the circle, you will see that the circle fills in (indicating that it is an active button).
From the Camp Director
The Slippery Rock Baptist Camp is one of the best kept secrets in western Pennsylvania. It is a youth camp that serves many aspects of a growing family. We have a day camp for first through third graders, over-night camps for those in the fourth through twelfth grade, week-end retreats for teens and adults plus a special day just for senior saints.
Updating the girls motels
Ron and 5 or 6 other guys continue to work on the girls motel. Units 2, 3, 4, and 5 are very near completion. Unit 1 will be the next one they will be working on. Hopefully 1 will also be done for the Ladies Retreat.

Upcoming Events

  • Work Day
    Come by yourself or bring a group from your church.
  • Spring Youth Retreat
    What a great way to start the new 2014 camp season. Come meet back up with camp friends!
  • Men's Retreat
    What a blessing to unite as brothers in Christ for fellowship, study and fun.
  • Work Week I
    This is our first work week of the year.
  • Work Week II
    If you are not able to make the first week, maybe you can make the second.
  • Family Camp | Primary Day Camp
    Register for fun, relaxation, and diving into the Word of God with Dr. Von!
  • Senior High | Soccer Camp
    Grades 9-12 (senior high) and 7-12 (soccer), come enjoy a great week of fun, friends, and hopefully spiritual growth.
  • Junior Week
    Grades 4-6, why sit at home bored? Come enjoy a fantastic, over-the-top week of excitement.
  • Junior High Week
    Grades 7-8, can you imagine hanging out with your friends...for a whole week! Sign up today!
  • Ladies Retreat
    More info coming soon.
  • Men's Retreat
    More info coming soon.
  • Youth Retreat
    More info coming soon.
  • Senior Saints Color Tour
    What a great way to end the camp year. Come see the beauty of the camp while enjoying great fellowship and considering God's faithfulness.
  • Workday
    It takes a lot of work to run a camp all summer. It also takes some work to close it up. If you are able, plan to help us!